(AUGUST 2014 as amended)

Article I: Name

This Association shall be known as Horizon Teachers’ Association (hereafter referred to as the Association) and shall operate as a local association as defined by section 6 of the Bylaws of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

Article II: Membership

The membership of the Association shall consist of all members of the STF employed by Horizon School Division No. 205, Englefeld Protestant Separate School Division No. 132 George Gordon Education Centre, and substitute teachers. The membership may be open to teachers at First Nations’ schools and superannuated teachers, as associate members without voting privileges.

Article III: Purpose of the Association

1. to represent and support teachers in professional matters
2. to further the objectives of the Federation provincially and locally.
3. to promote professional growth.
4. to ensure effective communications between members and the Federation.
5. to ensure effective representations of members in Federation affairs.
6. to bargain collectively for a local collective agreement subject to the local bargaining provisions of the The Education Act, 1995.
7. to develop a civic spirit in the teaching body and to encourage teachers to participate in the political, social, and economic life of the community.
8. to encourage close association and cooperation among teachers, parents and trustees, the school division and administration, the STF, the SSBA and the CTF.

Article IV: Fees

1. Local association fees will constitute annual membership fees.
2. Annual membership fees, as established by the Executive shall be payable by all members of the Association with membership fee payments and dates to be determined by the Executive.
3. All full-time teachers and those on part-time permanent contracts shall pay full fees; fees for temporary contracts shall be pro-rated.
4. All association members attending convention who have not paid Association fees shall pay convention fees as set by the Executive.
5. Annual membership fees for substitute teachers and associate members shall be determined by the Executive.
6. Fees shall be approved through a vote at a meeting of the general assembly.

Article V: Parliamentary Authority

This Association shall be governed in all its meeting by parliamentary law as contained in Robert’s Rules of Order in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with Constitution of this Association.

Article VI: Affiliation

This Local is affiliated with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. The constitution, bylaws and policies of this Association must be consistent with the legislation, bylaws and policies of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Article VII: Organization of Governance

The Association shall be organized at the following levels:

1. General Assembly
2. Executive
3. Representative

1. General Assembly

1.1 All members designated in Article II shall constitute the General Assembly.
1.3 Involvement with and understanding of the HTA and the STF at the local and provincial level is a professional obligation of every teacher.
1.4 The General Assembly shall meet a minimum of one time during each school year.
1.5 Each member shall have one vote and must be in attendance at the meeting of the General Assembly.
1.6 The General Assembly shall elect the Officers by secret ballot, and approve the Committees of the Association.
1.7 Meetings of the General Assembly are open only to the Membership of the Horizon Teachers’ Association as defined in Article II.
1.8 A special meeting of the General Assembly may called if warranted by the President and/or designate.
1.9 A simple majority vote is required to accept motions. In the event of a 50% vote, the president will cast the deciding vote.
1.10 The Executive shall set the agenda.
1.11 Items not on the agenda and requested from the floor, may be tabled until the next General Assembly or Executive Meeting.

2. Executive

2.1 Has the authority to act as the voice of the local in speaking with the STF, other Locals, the Board of Education, and educational stakeholders within the Division.
2.2 Arranges for the effective operation of the local, the provision of services to members and the appointment of members to local committees.
2.3 Makes decisions to carry out the purposes of the local in accordance with the policies, budgets and directions established by the General Assembly.
2.4 Any members who are elected to the Provincial Executive shall automatically be elected to the local Executive.
2.5 The term of the Executive shall be from July 1 to June 30.
2.6 The Executive may extend voting privileges in decision making to members of standing committees who are in attendance at an Executive meeting.

2.7 The Executive shall meet a minimum of five times during each school year and shall comprise the following:

2.7.1 Past President
2.7.2 President
2.7.3 Vice-President
2.7.4 Secretary
2.7.5 Treasurer
2.7.6 STF Councillors
2.7.7 Quadrant Representatives
2.7.8 Chairperson or Representative from each Standing Committee

2.8 Past President:

2.8.1 Will serve in an advisory role to the President and Executive for the first year of a President’s term of office.

2.9 President:

2.9.1 Will be elected by the General Assembly by a simple majority vote for a 2 year term.
2.9.2 Is an ex-officio member of all committees.
2.9.3 Coordinates all activities of the executive council.
2.9.4 Acts as a liaison with the provincial body.
2.9.5 Shall serve as a signing officer.
2.9.6 Acts along with the Secretary as a joint custodian of all records belonging to the Association.
2.9.7 Will serve as a STF Councillor.
2.9.8 Review the Constitution and update it as the need arises.

2.10 Vice-President:

2.10.1 Will be elected by the General Assembly by a simple majority vote.
2.10.2 Shall assist the President.
2.10.3 Has duties assigned by the Executive.
2.10.4 In the absence of the President, shall assume his/her office and duties.
2.10.5 Will serve as the Chief Electoral Officer.

2.11 Secretary:

2.11.1 Will be elected by the General Assembly by a simple majority vote
2.11.2 Keeps records of decisions made
2.11.3 Acts along with the President as a joint custodian of all records belonging to the Association.

2.12 Treasurer:

2.12.1 Will be elected by the General Assembly
2.12.2 Acts along with the President as a joint custodian of the funds of the Association
2.12.3 Shall serve as a signing officer.
2.12.4 Develops a budget in consultation with the Executive.
2.12.5 Provides financial reports to the Executive and to the Annual General Meeting.
2.12.6 Shall submit financial records for audit by an external appointee of the Executive.

2.13 STF Councillors:

2.13.1 Will be elected by the General Assembly.
2.13.2 Represent the teachers of the Association at Council meetings.
2.13.3 Advocate for teachers, at hearings or board meetings.
2.13.4 Link the Local Association to the provincial level of the STF.
2.13.5 Shall report to the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting.

2.14 Quadrant Representatives:

2.14.1 Two School Staff Liaisons will serve each quadrant.
2.14.2 Attend Executive meetings.
2.14.3 Report directly to the Staff Liaisons in their quadrant.
2.14.4 Forward information to the SSL’s within their quadrant.

2.15 Chairperson of a Committee:

2.15.1 Shall call and conduct a minimum of two committee meetings during each school year.
2.15.2 Attends Executive meetings and reports to the Executive.
2.15.3 Serves as a liaison between their group and the Executive.
2.15.4 Serves as a liaison between their group and the STF.

3. Representative

3.1 School Staff Liaisons:

3.1.1 Are nominated or elected from each school
3.1.2 Act as a link between teachers and the Executive
3.1.3 Will liaise between the school and the local association or provincial executive.
3.1.4 Two School Staff Liaisons from each quadrant will sit on the Executive in the position of Quadrant Representatives.

Article: VIII Committees

1. Local Implementation and Negotiations Committee (LINC) for the teachers of Horizon School Division:

1.1 Will consist of eight representatives.
1.2 Shall negotiate on behalf of the membership a contract with employing Board of Education with the aim of securing fair and reasonable conditions of employment
1.3 Shall bargain collectively with the Board of Education according to the Education Act (1995) and Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation policy
1.4. Shall request ideas for the asking package from staffs as well as reactions to suggestions from the bargaining committee. The proposed asking package shall be presented to the membership for approval or amendment. In the case of interest based bargaining, no asking package is required
1.5 Prior to signing an agreement LINC shall submit the tentative agreement to the membership for a vote by secret ballot
1.6 Has the responsibility to ensure implementation of both the local and provincial collective bargaining agreements
1.7 The LINC chairperson acts as the teacher representative on grievance committees as established per local agreement
1.8 Shall serve as a liaison with the Board of Education in dealing with matters of policy.

2. Standing Committee:

1.1 Nominated with representatives from each quadrant except as otherwise stated
1.2 Shall select a chairperson and secretary from the committee members
1.3 Be approved at the Annual General Meeting. Their terms are to be one year except as otherwise stated.

3. Communications Committee:

2.1 Shall work with the President to maintain a webpage.

4. Convention Committee:

3.1 Shall consist of at least one representative from each of the schools assigned to convention planning by the rotation specified in Appendix A. (This will become policy once we have created our policy manual. For the time being it is Appendix A)
3.2 Advises the Executive regarding fees.
3.3 Plans and executes the convention.
3.4 Submits a financial statement to the Annual General Meeting.
3.5 Shall serve a one year term.

5. Professional Development Committee:

4.1. Serves to extend professionalism within the association.
4.2 Works with the central office to coordinate professional development for the school Division.
4.3. Distinguishes between professional development, which addresses teachers’ personal and professional goals and interests, and in-service, which supports the implementation of curricula, programs or services.

6. Ad Hoc Committees:

5.1 May be established and their functions assigned at the discretion of the Executive.
5.2 Any such establishment must clearly indicate the purpose and length of service of each/any committee.

7. Superannuation Committee

6.1 Will co-ordinate an event honouring the superannuates.
6.2. Follow the guidelines outlined by policy set by the Executive.

8. Liaison Committee

7.1. Shall be the President, and 3 others appointed from the Executive.
7 2 Shall promote the local association to the Board of Education.
7 3. Term of office is July 1 to June 30
7.4. Shall discuss non-LINC items
7.5. Provides a forum for communication between members and the Board of Education, Learning Council, and/or Executive Council.
7.6. Shall operate within the parameters set by the Terms of Reference agreed upon by all parties of the Liaison Committee.

Article IX: Financial Matters

1. Honoraria

1.1 An honorarium shall be paid to each of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, STF Councillors, Chairpersons of each active Standing Committee, Convention Chair, Webmaster, and Quadrant Representatives.
1.2. Honoraria for the positions indicated above shall be set annually by the Executive.
1.3. Each superannuate shall be presented with a cheque for the amount of $100.00.

2. Release Time

2.1 The Horizon Teachers’ Association will provide funding for release time for local leadership.

3. Fiscal Management

3.1 Expenses will be paid by the Executive in accordance with policy set by the Executive.
3.2. An account will be established at the Teachers’ Credit Union, Saskatoon Branch.
3.3. Signing authority will be granted to the President and Treasurer, both of whom must sign all cheques.
3. 4. An independent audit will be conducted yearly and presented at a, meeting of the General Assembly.

Article X: Elections to and Removal From Executive Office

1. Election to Office

1.1 President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Councillors will be elected, if the positions are vacant, by a General Assembly to be held before July 1 of each year.
1.2 School Staff Liaisons will be appointed before July 1 of each year.
1.3 The Chief Electoral Officer will post the closing date for nominations at least 3 weeks prior to the election.
1.4 If no nominations have been received for any positions, the Chief Electoral Officer will seek potential candidates on the understanding that whomever responds first will be named to the position in question.

2. Removal from Office

2.1 Duly elected or appointed officers will be removed from office only for serious

Offences such as the following:

  • subverting the goals of the HTA and/or the STF;
  • behaving in a manner contrary to the STF Code of Ethics or STF Code of Conduct Regarding Collective Interests; or
  • failing to carry out the duties of the office.

2.2 Removal of an officer from the Executive may be carried out through a vote of 80% of Executive Members and must be affirmed by a majority vote of Association Members in attendance at a General Meeting.
2.3 The motion to remove must be presented to the General Meeting within 30 days of it passing and a least three days before the date of the General Meeting. Both the officer being removed and the movers of the motion to remove may address the General Meeting.

Article XI: Constitutional Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a General Assembly. Notice of Motion for amending shall be served to all members two weeks prior to such an Assembly.

Article XII: Dissolution of the Local Association

1. The Horizon Teachers’ Association may be dissolved by a vote of the membership.
2. At the time of dissolution, the Executive will determine the disposition of any assets, records, and archival material.